Cape Girardeau Dehumidifier Installation & Repair Services

Professional dehumidifier repair and installation services in Cape Girardeau.

Often, with the blistering heat here in Cape Girardeau, MO comes sticky humidity. Homeowners have an option if they wish to do away with the thick and heavy air. Purchasing a dehumidifier will go a long way toward providing relief during the warmest days of summer. These units can create a crisp, dry environment for everybody to enjoy.

The professionals at Dutch Enterprises can get you started by offering dehumidifier installation and repair services. Let us help you fight against the humidity so you can stay cool and breathe more easily on muggy days.

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Ways a Dehumidifier Can Give Relief

High humidity levels can have an impact on both air quality and the amount of moisture indoors, which can lead to structural damage. Dehumidifiers act by removing the water from the air to make the climate cool and comfortable. The following are some clues your home could benefit from a dehumidifier:

  • Air feels thick, making it difficult to breathe
  • Wet spots are visible on walls, ceilings and floors
  • Condensation has built up on doors and windows
  • Mold and mildew becomes noticeable indoors
  • Increase in allergy attacks while inside
  • Hands always feel moist and clammy

Each of the symptoms above indicates high moisture levels within a home. Humidity is something that can put a person’s health and the building itself at risk. Purchasing a dehumidifier will help protect against both.

Which Dehumidifier Is Best?

Once you’ve decided to buy a dehumidifier, you must choose which one to install. There are two types to choose from. The first is a whole-home dehumidifier that connects directly to your home’s HVAC system.The second is a small unit you plug into a wall to collect humidity from a small area. These single-room models are less expensive than whole-home systems, but you may need to purchase more than one to cover your entire home.

Despite the high upfront cost, whole-home dehumidifiers are more energy efficient since they’re able to cover an entire building by using the existing ductwork instead of needing to plug in several devices at once. Whole-home models also operate automatically and require little maintenance, which means they won’t need to be repaired as frequently.

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Are you desperate to remove the humidity from your home? Installing a dehumidifier could be the answer you seek. We perform dehumidifier installation and repair services to homes in the Cape Girardeau, MO area. Call us at 573-352-4039.