Cape Girardeau Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Experienced heating and air conditioning repair services in Cape Girardeau.

Dutch Enterprises is ready to serve all of your heating and air conditioning repair needs. We have the tools and training needed to rise up to any challenge your HVAC system can offer us. We’re dedicated to providing professional, first-rate service that meets the needs of all our customers.

We’re also available after hours to help homeowners in the Cape Girardeau, MO area. Even if an emergency strikes in the middle of the night on a weekend, there will always be somebody ready to answer your call for help.

Dutch Enterprises - heating and air conditioner services in Cape Girardeau, MO

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Heating Services

Don’t go a moment longer than you need to without the aid of a heating system. We’re able to deliver a full menu of heating repair services. Here’s a sample of what we can do:

Furnace Repair

Temperatures can get mighty low during winter, which means your home’s furnace must be kept in tip-top shape if you want to stay warm all season long. Contact us if you ever have a problem with your furnace and we’ll lend a hand as quickly as possible so nobody has to face the cold alone.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps work throughout the year to maintain optimal temperatures indoors no matter what the season. This means they undergo a lot of strain and must be serviced regularly. We can ensure your heat pump remains operation and you stay comfortable whether the weather is warm or cool.

Air Conditioning Services

Of course, finding a way to escape the heat during summer is important to all homeowners in this part of the country. We offer a wide variety of air conditioning repair services to ensure you stay cool throughout the warm months.

Air Handler Repair

Air handlers contain the key components of every air conditioning unit. By making sure your device’s handler is well taken care of, the unit will continue to function as designed. Put the health of your air conditioner in the hands of our trusted technicians.

Dehumidifier Repair

Beating the heat is one thing, but taking on the humidity is another matter. Maintaining your home’s dehumidifier can go a long way toward providing relief during the hottest and stickiest of days. A fully functional system can make the air dry and crisp while making it safe for anybody with a respiratory problem. Let us help with our dehumidifier repair services.

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The people of Cape Girardeau, MO depend on us to provide heating and air conditioning services. We can help you stay cool all summer long. Give us a call at 573-352-4039 to schedule an appointment today.