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Your Bathroom Plumbing Done Right - Commercial Toilets

The Importance of Correct Bathroom Plumbing

There is a growing trend among homeowners when it comes to bathroom plumbing. Many homeowners are thinking about installing commercial toilets inside their homes. Some think commercial toilets will do away with common issues such as clogs.

Others appreciate the tankless nature of commercial toilets. For others still, the ease of cleaning such a toilet holds an appeal. No matter the reason for considering a commercial toilet, this article will explain the dangers of installing incorrect plumbing and available options.

Residential VS. Commercial Toilets

residential vs commercial What exactly is the difference between residential and commercial toilets? All toilets aren’t created equally and the differences are important to know before installing. Commercial toilets are built to handle high-pressure water and large commercial-grade piping.

These toilets are built to handle large volumes of waste and water. They have no tanks, so they use force and volume of water to flush the waste down. Residential toilets are built to handle smaller amounts of waste and are formatted to connect to city piping.

Residential toilets use a tank to create appropriate force and suction to drain the bowl. Toilets found in homes connect to water supply lines that will not provide enough volume to flush commercial models.

Your Underground Plumbing Matters

In addition to the toilets themselves, there are vast differences between residential and commercial underground plumbing systems. Residential plumbing is formatted specifically to remove all of a house’s waste and dump it directly into the city sewers. This waste product then gets taken to city treatment plants.

underground plumbing

Residential piping is smaller and only built to handle the amount of waste generated by a family, needing different services like clogged toilet repairs and backflow repairs. Underneath malls and other large stores, however, piping is connected to commercial toilets and can handle large volumes of waste and water. The pipes are larger in order to handle a large amount of waste and water on a daily basis.

Upgrading to a Tankless Toilet

tankless toiletsIf you’re wanting to take advantage of the tankless nature of commercial toilets, you’re not without options. Tankless toilets are built for residential use and mimic commercial toilets. Able to connect to city plumbing, tankless toilets are the perfect alternative to commercial models.

In order for tankless toilets to work properly, a pump will be needed. With the pump, the system will be able to provide you with enough power to force water and waste through the piping. In the end, you’ll have a toilet that looks like a commercial option while able to fit residential piping.

Using a tankless toilet will save space, provide sleek lines in your bathroom, and ensure you have less to clean every week. Check to ensure your piping can handle tankless options. Even if you have to install some piping to ensure a smooth fit, owning a tankless toilet is worth the time and work of the initial setup. Once you have one, you’ll never want to go back.

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