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How to Fix Your Central Heating & Air Conditioning System

Tips to Fix Your Central HVAC

Do you want to live with a problematic HVAC system in your home? The answer is obviously not. No homeowner wants to deal with an HVAC unit that poses issues and threatens not to work from time to time. No mechanical issues are fun to deal with and thankfully, there are tips and tricks to solve small problems so bigger ones can be avoided. Keep reading for three tips to keep your HVAC unit running in tip-top shape.

Are Your Condensation Lines Frozen?

All HVAC units have a condensate drain line. If you try to find it, you’ll most likely see tubing made of PVC pipe that hooks into your HVAC unit and then leads outside through an outer wall. This piping carries condensation out and away from the unit, so water doesn’t pool and build up underneath the unit.

ice melting

When HVAC units leak, parts of the unit can freeze, and the condensate drain line is a common area that experiences freezing. It’s important to clean this up and melt any ice that may be on the line. Keep it as dry as possible to identify where the leak is coming from so it can be quickly fixed.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Protected

cleaning hvacThe outdoor condenser unit is an important part of the HVAC unit that often goes forgotten. It is outside, often out of sight, and runs without anyone paying much attention to it. This unit, however, is susceptible to debris getting caught inside and needs to be thoroughly cleaning to ensure proper functioning.

Since it’s outside, it’s exposed to dust, dirt, debris, leaves, grass clippings, and a myriad of items that cause your unit to function less than optimally. When dirt and debris are caked onto the unit, your unit is inhibited from cooling the air as efficiently.

This buildup also causes the unit to work much harder and could even lead to overheating and eventual breakdown. It’s best to clean your outside unit once during the spring and again during the summer.

With the power to your HVAC unit switched off, remove any large pieces of debris with gloved hands. Then hose off any loose debris such as grass, leaves, and dirt. Add coil cleaner for an especially thorough job and rinse to reveal a sparkly clean unit.

Remember to Schedule Maintenance

The most important thing you can do for your HVAC unit is to schedule regular maintenance checks. Prevention is key in not only keeping your unit running well but keeping any major breakdowns from occurring. Regular maintenance should occur before the summer season starts and prior to winter.


You want to be sure your entire system is in working order at the turn of each season so you’re never left with a malfunctioning unit just when you need it most. Regular maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars by simply preventing a major problem from occurring.

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